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Kathleen Krikorian

Author Kathleen Krikorian.

I have been a middle school educational assistant for eleven years. I work with sixth, seventh, and eighth grade special needs students. I wrote my first children’s book based on diversity and tolerance as part of my Masters Degree in Education.  I am licensed to teach grades one through five, and History, grades five through eight. I also have an advanced graduate certificate in Technology Integration.


I began writing when I was about twelve, but when I was a senior in high school, I was in a serious car accident.  During the many months of recuperating from a broken leg, I wrote hundreds of poems.  They were my escape.  I have written over a thousand poems since then, and I recently recited a few at the local Literary Evening.  I am currently writing my first young adult novel, a historical fiction, based in Basque Country in 1680.  I am a lifelong resident of Brewster, and I am currently building my own home there. I cannot wait to move in and set up my new writing space!