Lorri Ann Devlin

Author Lorri Ann Devlin.

I published my first poem at age 15.  Therefore, assuming publication was easy, I rapidly acquired enough rejection letters to wallpaper a moderate sized apartment.

My technical/marketing work has been published in medical, pharmaceutical/biotech and health software trade journals.  My poetry has appeared in Points East Magazine, Youth Magazine, and Mom Lit Writers Magazine.  I’m inspired by my experiences as a registered nurse and medical researcher, nature, this other-worldly Cape light of ours, and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Currently available on Amazon.com:   Cape Cod Critters-A Fun Look at Cape Cod Wildlife (a local best seller),  Submerged Voices (a collection of poetry, prose and short stories), and as of 7-17-17, The Reluctant Medium—Reclaiming the Power of Women’s Intuition. This one is the story of how a reason-based medical professional comes to terms with possessing psychic intuition, and how it altered everything I believed about existence, in a good way.

I live in Cotuit, where time stands still (assuming it exists at all) with my husband Steve and three yappie dogs.