Marsha Bryant

Marsha Bryant

Author Marsha Bryant.

I am proud to announce the publication of Little Fat Four: A Chinese woman’s memoir of survival, by Eileen Kan. Here is a summary:

In the footsteps of Wild Swans and Red Azalea comes the fearlessly honest memoir of Eileen Kan. Alone and on the run, she survived war, rape, slave labor, and starvation, protected only by her resourcefulness and tenacious will to survive. This is her unflinching story, told in her own words. Set against the backdrop of the 1989 student democracy demonstrations, Eileen’s unique story is a moving narrative of resiliency and the strength of the human spirit.

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Marsha Bryant is the pen name of Marsha Finley. When working as an English-language teacher in a college in Kunming, China, she befriended Eileen Kan and was privileged to record Eileen’s life story. When not traveling, Marsha has enjoyed a long career as a writer and editor for several Boston-area publishers. She currently lives in Brewster, Cape Cod, where she writes for Pearson Education and walks her large, friendly Great Pyrenees.