Pat Mullaly

Author Pat Mullaly.

Pat Mullaly aka Chapman Deering

Pat has been writing most of her life. As a child she wrote stories and loved putting on little dramas for her family. She and her friends would hang a curtain on the clothesline in the backyard and invite the entire neighborhood to come and watch the scenes they would invent. Her brother captured a few of these performances on video. When she watches them now, she has to laugh.

“We thought we were such great actors! I can see now how really bad we were. I wonder we got anyone to come. But we were kids, and it was all done in fun and it was a great way to tap into our creative juices.”

Today, Pat’s main interests are in writing and researching life in Colonial America during the days of the witch trials. She is currently working on a new novel set along the shores of Cape Cod in New England.