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Author Sarah Alex.

*Blogger Songwriter Proofreader Transcriber*

My company, Scriptoria, LLC, was born from my passion for two things: helping people, and making things beautiful. I’ve been writing my whole life: songs, articles, stories, even a couple of in-process novels, but nothing feeds me more than walking alongside others on their writing journeys, encouraging them and helping all along the way.

For whatever reason, my path has been a zig-zagged mess from day one. Maybe that reason is so that today, I can use my variety of experiences to help each of you with all kinds of topics in your documents! I’m an Air Force Veteran, a guitarist and songwriter, and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. I’ve worked many years in healthcare, retail, and government contracting. I hold a master of science degree in criminal justice. I’ve been a security guard, a concessionaire, and a weather girl. And at the heart of all of that, I’m an encourager and a nurturer, and I’m here to encourage you and nurture your writing. I also offer transcribing services, so I can assist in getting your audio content put into the written word. Let me join you on your journey towards beautifying your work.

Works I’ve proofread: A Journey for My Father’s Heart and My Mother’s Secret by Kim Hug, and The Seven Things You Need to Know About Divorce by Greg Messer

I’ve also written several songs, three of which have been released and are available for purchase. You can also hear them on Spotify and YouTube under username greenehouseaffect.

  • Living the Dream
  • Never Should’ve Been
  • Arizona Ghost

I’m working on my book, Sea Sick, and I’m developing a blog series on my website called Little Cardboard Men. Click here to check it out!