Rick Cochran

Author Rick Cochran.

Rick Cochran is the author of Murder at Bound Brook: Cape Cod Mystery, Wellfleet Tales, Wellfleet Tales II – Confessions of a Wash-Ashore, as well as a contributor to Cape Cod Life magazine.

Rick’s Wellfleet Tales books are collections of stories and photos of the fifties and sixties in small town Cape Cod. With caring and humor Rick documents the people, places and events of the era; many gone but not forgotten. The Barnstable Patriot says, “The chapters have a funny and familiar ring … colorful stories in helping us recall a distinctive time and place on our small peninsula.”

Murder at Bound Brook – Cape Cod Mystery, is set in February of 1952 during the historic blizzard of the Pendleton wreck and the dramatic Coast Guard rescue. During the same storm, in the village of Bound Brook, Old Man Proctor’s house burns to the ground with Proctor in it. Bound Brook native, Rob Caldwell, a WWII veteran and local basketball legend, is called on to assist in the investigation. Is it an accident or murder? Proctor was the most powerful, and most hated man in town, so suspects abound. Rob finds more than he bargained for while he rekindles his high school romance, deals with a lost love from his war years in France, and is stalked by a mysterious menacing presence.