Robert M. Reece M.D.

Author Robert Reece.

Bob Reece practiced, taught and did research in pediatrics for over forty years, specializing in diagnosis and of child abuse cases. He published nine textbooks, nearly fifty articles, and twenty-seven chapters. He founded and was Editor of The Quarterly Update from 1993 until 2017.

His debut novel, To Tell The Truth, describes a fictional case of a young babysitter charged with murder of a seven-month-old infant in her care.

In Double Blind Double Cross, he writes about surgeon Tom Barrett, a victim of PTSD and his experiences in a clinical trial of a new drug for PTSD. Tom and two fellow patients immerse themselves in a high stakes investigation that reveals a shocking answer.

In his latest novel Strong Medicine, Dr. Barrett shines a bright light on the pharmaceutical industry, uncovering practices that are unethical and illegal.

Robert M. Reece