Sally Cabot Gunning

A lifelong resident of New England, Sally Cabot Gunning has immersed herself in its history from a young age. She is the author of six critically acclaimed historically themed novels: The Widow’s War, Bound, The Rebellion of Jane Clarke, Benjamin Franklin’s Bastard, Monticello: A Daughter and Her Father, and her latest novel, released June 2021, Painting the Light. Gunning lives in Brewster, Massachusetts, with her husband, Tom, where her family history dates back three centuries. Elected fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society and president of The Brewster Historical Society; between books she helped to purchase and restore an 18th Century sea captain’s home and creates historical tours of her village. Her work has appeared in the The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, The Voice, and a variety of short story anthologies.

“[In Painting the Light] Gunning vividly evokes the volatile weather rolling in off the Atlantic and the rustic farming life of the time. Hardships that are a sea-change from Ida’s privileged past are balanced with breathtaking natural beauty . .  . As Ida deals with the dark weight of tragedy in her life and the mysteries [her husband] has left behind, she experiences moments of disappointment and love, joy and accomplishment.  One constant is her thirst for independence as she learns the secret to painting the light and finding her place in the world.” — Booklist