Writer Groups

The CCWC offers a variety of Writers Groups. Open to members only.  These are small groups of writers who meet regularly to share their work and enhance skills in a  supportive atmosphere.

During sessions, writers read from their work and fellow members comment upon its strengths and offer suggestions for improvement.

If you would like to join a writing group, your first step is to become a CCWC member. JOIN 

Next, fill out the questionnaire:   CCWC-Writing-Group-Questionnaire. Email your completed questionnaire to writers@capecodwriterscenter.org  and we will work to match you up with the right group. Due to limited openings within our writing groups, we will do our best to match you with like-minded writers in a group.

CCWC organizes writing groups in various locales on the Cape and in the communities nearby. All genres are represented. Supportive, constructive, honest critique is essential to every writer. Those just starting and those who have been publishing for years often point to their writing group as a cornerstone of the creative process. Many writers at all stages of their careers look to their groups for craft advice, motivation, networking, camaraderie, and emotional support through the isolating writing process.

Some CCWC groups focus on a particular genre (for example, memoir, mystery, or young adult); other groups have members with diverse interests. Existing groups often welcome new members; new groups form as the interest arises. All the groups are self-administered. However, the CCWC group coordinator will work on behalf of new members to help them find an appropriate group or to be part of a newly founded group. You need to be a member to participate in the CCWC writing groups.

Though each group has its own working methods, rules, and strategies, there are some general guidelines that apply to all of our writing groups. You can download and read these guidelines here:  CCWC-Group-Guidelines

If there is sufficient interest, we will be forming one or more new groups in the near future. If you would like more information about any of our groups, or about starting a new group, please contact us at:

writers@capecodwriterscenter.org   WRITERS GROUPS in the subject heading,